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The end of pornography

There must be a way to remove pornography from the internet. Pornography ruins relationships and creates some twisted thoughts about what is acceptable and not acceptable.  At least remove the free streams that are extremely easy to find. If they are going to stream it to their eyes then make them pay for the stream. Otherwise it is like leaving ice cream, or cocaine, or stolen money out in the open for anyone to take as much as they want.

The American Government should take the lead in protecting the next generation of children from having the ability to watch it for free. Anyone caught posting free streams should be punished. The best punishment would be a financial penalty of 300 percent of their revenue per kilobyte of free posted streams of pornography. This will keep anyone from posting because they can trace back the ip address of the free pornography to the source and penalize them financially and in prison time if they cant pay the fines.

And the pornography that is paid for and allowed to be streamed will also be taxable by the federal government. The tax will be 30 percent of the price of the porn movie.  So if they pay 30 dollars for the download then the tax will be 9 dollars that can be used to help the government turn a terrible action into a fund to help support social security, education and tuition, and a place for porn actors to go if they are being forced into this lifestyle. Especially the actors using drugs to go through the pain associated with these movies, like taking on 500 men in one movie or any orgy scene for that matter.

I pray that these porn moviemakers stop filming and use their skills to make other stories that lead people towards god and heaven instead of away from god and heaven.


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Prayer to remove abortion from the earth

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a great childrens book for children, a bible for kids




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my friends at HOLY Wood Acting studio

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2 great kids games for ps4 on sale at walmart and bestbuy

Paw Patrol On a roll [PS4 Game]

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Cars 3: Driven to Win [PS4 Game]

Cars 3: Driven to Win is a world-class competitive racing game that features beloved characters from the Disney Pixar Cars 3 …
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Protect your toes

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