I used to be an under armor fan, but now I prefer Oakley over all other textile companies. I have been using their prescription racing jacket frame for many years now. And I also love their backpacks. I like their swim trunks, and shoes. I have their light assault 2 boots, and use them for basketball because they support my ankles and achilles tendon and are light enough to move quickly, designed for military scouts rather than the steel toe boots you would find in the trenches of combat situtations.

They have never given a dollar to abortion clinics and have never received a dollar from abortion clinics. They love families and children, and that is a fresh perspective compared to other textiles companies who give billions to abortion clinics since 1776.

For example nike has given 500 billion dollars to abortion clinics from 1973 to 2021. And nike has received 800 billion dollars from abortion clinics as a reward for helping the murder of children inside the uterus of the mother. Using all techniques of chemicals or sharp tools to kill children and break the umbilical cord connecting the baby to the mother.

Their golf pants are also comfortable for everyday use, not just on the golf course. I see them increasing their innovations in other sports once they add signature athletes in the sports that they want to grow with together.

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Some thoughts for America to improve

Please make it illegal to build a strip club in america, so we can take them out of the united states of america. Then buy all the remaining clubs through emminent domain, and destroy them and turn them into grass and dirt for playgrounds or farming, or a cement foundation for commercial or residential buildings. Also remove all free streams of pornography from the internet. It will only be consumed by people who pay for the movies. And tax it at 30 percent so that if it sells for 100 dollars, then the american government gets 30 dollars. And and free streams can be tracked by their ip address and they can be penalized at 300 percent of their assets per kilobyte streamed for free. Free pornography is dangerous for minors and really anybody for that matter. Also penalize anyone who gives more than a billion to abortion clinics, or receives more than a billion from abortion clinics so we can take down the leaders of abortion. And after that every dollar spent or received in abortion clinics is worth 1 month in prison.

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Emminent domain

Together in Mission,  I would love to be in a position that allows me to give 85 percent of my income, and live off of 15 percent of my monthly allowance for spending on gear found at sports shows like marshalls.

I pray that we can give 53billion dollars to the roman catholic church

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Abstinence and Adoption are the cure for Murdering children in abortion clinics

Abstinence for couples seems difficult for some people. Its actually still fun and still a great way to solidify your relationship with your husband or your bride. You can still touch, kiss, lick, and massage your partner for 30 minutes to 2hours or 12 hours if your on vacation together. But the only condition is that you will not put your penis into her vagina on those days when you do not want to have children.

Brides and Husbands should understand that giving your partner a massage until she falls asleep with a huge smile on her face, is a very important and necessary skill to serve her and protect each other. All you need to do is for the man and the woman wear your swimsuits, trunks, bikini bottoms, speedos, or the wetsuits that surfers wear while you are together. If your married the bra is optional. Actually the woman can be nude, as long as the man wears his swim trunks so that it is impossible for him to launch his sperm into his bride.

Some people think anal sex is abstinence. I believe that the anus is an exit for waste and poop, or human dung. The vagina is an entrance and an exit. If you put a penis, or dildo or cucumber or eggplant into your anus it is very likely that you will cause small wounds in the anal passage. And those open wounds when hit by poop once or twice a day until the wounds heal make it easy to get infections and sickness. For example lets say you have 5 small papercuts in your arm. And every day when you go poop, you make sure to wipe poop on those papercuts on your arm. There is a high probablity that you will get an infection that could make you extremely sick.

Or lets say you walk your dog and the dog poops, so you pick up his poop, and you put it in a bag and bring it home. but instead of throwing it in the trash you wipe it all over your penis, and all over you brides vagina and anus. And then you have intercourse together. That is disgusting, but that is basically what happens when you have anal sex.

Adoption especially if you work with an adoption cathedral is pretty clear. Come to a catholic cathedral and let them know you have a child, and you would like a family to adopt the child because your not sure if you can handle the requirement of being a parent. Or maybe your family kicked you out. We will make sure you have a place to sleep, and shower until the baby arrives. In fact we can interview you about what you like to do, and hopefully turn that into a job or business that you can do so you can be a parent and handle the cost of caring for children. In the name of saint joachim and saint ann, the parents of mama mary, if you do not want that child give it to us. We will find a home for it. If we cannot find a home and family for the baby then we will give it our name, and our home to raise and protect that beloved baby.







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Delivering Babies

If you give birth on a horizontal hospital bed it will be more strenuous. If you learn lamaze breathing, and give birth vertically in a half squat position. Then the gravity of earth can help your baby glide out gently to the arms of the doctor, two nurses and a midwife. They can also catch the placenta. Happy baby making and honeymoon dances for everyone that wants to be a parent.

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Saving Ruben

I always wondered if I would ever need or use all the training given to me at red dragon karate with my teacher Shihan Rudy Amaya. I believe it was in 2003. I was invited to a party near ucla and close to my friend Alduin Dauis’s condo.

I did not know Ruben before the party. But we ended up playing foosball soccer on a game table at the house. Seemed like a good guy.

After the party cleared out, we all started walking back to our cars. And I heard a man behind me say “What do you think your doing?” I turned around and saw how angry he was. I didnt realize that Ruben grabbed the butt of one of the women as we walked out. Apparently the man who questioned him was her brother, and some of their friends. Their were 4 men, and 2 women in their group.

Those four men pushed past me and grabbed Ruben, and immediately started to punch and kick and stomp him into the asphalt street, very close to the curb. It reminded me of the rodney king beating. The girl who was groped was yelling for them to stop hitting him. So this was all going on in a hurry but it felt like slow motion to me.

Then they picked him up and threw him on top of a yellow car parked nearby. That was the moment that I sprinted towards Ruben and his attackers. If I did nothing there was a good chance that he could be killed or severely damaged. I just started pulling them away from Ruben. From my peripheral vision I saw a car drive up on my right shoulder. They opened the passenger door on the driver’s side of the car and stuck out their arm. And in the commotion Ruben started to crawl towards the car and they pulled him into the car. They drove off with Ruben, and I took 3 steps backwards from the 4 men. I was waiting to see if they were going to come after me next. So I slowly walked backwards towards Alduin’s house and asked if I could stay for an hour or two so that I could avoid those four men.

If I hesitated it is very likely that Ruben could have been killed and those 4 men would be put into prison for a long time. And I would have been called to court to explain why a martial arts teacher did nothing in that moment. And those two women would have their brother and friends in prison. Thankfully God gave me the strength and speed to protect him.

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bid on artwork from tobin heath.


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The end of pornography

There must be a way to remove pornography from the internet. Pornography ruins relationships and creates some twisted thoughts about what is acceptable and not acceptable.  At least remove the free streams that are extremely easy to find. If they are going to stream it to their eyes then make them pay for the stream. Otherwise it is like leaving ice cream, or cocaine, or stolen money out in the open for anyone to take as much as they want.

The American Government should take the lead in protecting the next generation of children from having the ability to watch it for free. Anyone caught posting free streams should be punished. The best punishment would be a financial penalty of 300 percent of their revenue per kilobyte of free posted streams of pornography. This will keep anyone from posting because they can trace back the ip address of the free pornography to the source and penalize them financially and in prison time if they cant pay the fines.

And the pornography that is paid for and allowed to be streamed will also be taxable by the federal government. The tax will be 30 percent of the price of the porn movie.  So if they pay 30 dollars for the download then the tax will be 9 dollars that can be used to help the government turn a terrible action into a fund to help support social security, education and tuition, and a place for porn actors to go if they are being forced into this lifestyle. Especially the actors using drugs to go through the pain associated with these movies, like taking on 500 men in one movie or any orgy scene for that matter.

I pray that these porn moviemakers stop filming and use their skills to make other stories that lead people towards god and heaven instead of away from god and heaven.


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Prayer to remove abortion from the earth

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a great childrens book for children, a bible for kids





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