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Watch “Sensei Ronald Panlilio” on YouTube


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Washington football

I would like to see theismann and riggins partner to buy out snyder and change the helmet and teamname to Washington Wisdom or Washington Tomohawks

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clippers might trade for zack randolph

randolph is a good post player and I believe he would be a good addition to this team, to have someone who can go into the low post and put in 20 points and 8 boards every night.

I heard they are moving either mobley or camby, I hope they are moving mobley. Camby is probably the best player on the clippers right now, cause baron cant shoot so far, only like 34 percent from the field.

tim thomas is just very inconsisten if you ask me, so I dont mind losing him. And with mike taylor, gordon and ricky davis we have a bunch of guys who can play shooting guard. I wonder if randolph will start or come off the bench for the clippers.

glad to hear they are changing things up since they have lost so many games with the team constructed the way it was…

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Badminton BDAY


click on the link if you want to play badminton with us….god bless
I believe it is on nov 29th, at san gabriel valley badminton club

good exercise and good workout with friends, friendly competition

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some good articles on dating, sex, natural family planning, and president obama’s strategy to protect women and unborn children
an article on natural family planning
an article and sex and dating for catholics
a good article explaining the programs obama wants to support to protect life, children and prevent abortions. Some of my friends have been arguing with me about why I supported obama. But this website gives good explanations about ways obama wants to protect women and protect the lives of the unborn.

Honestly eradicating roe v wade will send women into back alleys to have abortions from people who are unqualified. But creating social and education programs, and creating health insurance for all children and women, and creating jobs for women will allow more women to have the babies safely and be able to take care of them if they have an unplanned pregnancy. Also educating women is a good way to reduce premarital sex and abortions. Americans seem to believe in a right to violence: whether that is guns, abortion, execution, euthanasia, war, hunger, poverty, homelessness, drug abuse, child abuse, violence towards women, rape, molestation, birth control. There are so many factors that create unplanned pregnancy and lead to abortion. We must remember that abortion is a reaction of desperation.

We must educate men and women to make better choices and to abstain from sex until they commit to marriage. Sex is not the only way to show love. In fact emotional bonding, trust, commitment, and responsiblity are much better measures of love. Touch, positive words of affirmation, gifts, service, and quality time will tell you much more about your partner, then a quick sexual encounter. And you dont need to have sex before marriage to be good at it. Good communication will help couples have a great sexual life even if they are virgins. Sex is a natural gift that can be learned by any couple that loves each other.

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empty my cup, and fill it with the spirit

when you have been loved, it makes you want to fall in love. But the funny thing is not everyone wants to do that. When I was younger I just figured there would be a time and place for that. For the last 5 years, I have wanted to find a partner.

But then god surprised me, and made me take a look at my life, my habits, my emotional life, my physical strength, and my sins.

And slowly he peeled away layers of pain, and hurts that I wasnt even aware of. As the song goes, I will never know what it cost, to see my sins upon that cross. And I wept over and over again, as Jesus knocked on my heart. As I surrounded myself with people of strong faith, I wondered if I was even ready to take care of a partner and a family. There must still be some work I need to do on my own heart to prepare me to be a husband.

And then I had a very active day, exercising and when I woke up the cross I had on my chain, had fallen off of my neck. So I lived without that cross, but it felt wrong. I went shopping with my friend Billy, and while we were wandering around, I found a new cross. Not necessarily a better cross, but just a different cross. I put it on and it felt like a new beginning. And I found a ring, and I challenged myself to try a new way of living, a new covenant with my god.

And when I commune with my lord at mass I eat the pan de vida, and ask him to wash my sins away and prepare me for the work he wants me to do. I emptied my old cup of knowledge, and pray for god to fill me up with new thoughts.

Create in me a light that draws people unto me,
give me the courage to reach out to strangers.
And let my actions create questions and interest.
Why would this man shout to the heavens,
march for the lives of the unborn, rally voters for
laws that protect the mothers of those babies, why
does he weep during worship. Are they tears
of sadness or elation and joy? Could they
be an awakening towards a better way of life.
I’ll be your love, I’ll be your light, I’ll never let you be alone…
you are so lovely, your are so worthy, you are so wonderful to me.
Indescribable, uncontainable, you are amazing god.
give me your strength, and your wisdom from sunrise to sunset
show me the road less taken, and the trials and tests that will
reveal desperation and give me thanksgiving when joy and love abound
the peace and serenity of faith, courage, and wisdom…..

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video about proposition 8, please consider this when you vote tomorrow

I believe prop 4 and prop 8 to be very important law making decisions that we have control over as california voters.

And of course we should vote for our next president.

And we will have others on the ballot as well. Please make the time to vote absentee or to vote in person. I cannot tell you how to vote, I just believe god will elect and create the policies that are necessary. But of course by now it is clear what some of my voting preferences are. But it takes millions of people across this state and country to create laws that we can feel good about, and that will create a change in our society, economy, and moral values of our families and children in the future.

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