twitter allows and encourages pornography

I stopped using twitter and tweeting when I found out that they allow pornography actors and film companies to advertise and market their services on twitter. That was the moment I stopped tweeting.

Pornography is so prevalent, free, and dangerous to people. Its taps into the darkest fantasies in people, or creates those thoughts in young adults who never imagined having hundreds of men with one woman.

It is time to remove any free streams of porn on the internet. If people are forced to have a debit or credit card that will protect young people under 18 from watching. And any pornography filmmakers traced by their ip address that has a free stream on it will be charged 200 percent of all of their revenue for the current and most recent tax year. And they will serve five years to life in prison for crimes against humanity.


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East and west hemisphere for a true champion

Mlb and NBA should create at least 4 to 8 teams in the eastern hemisphere timezone. If it is 8 new teams or even 12 new teams. Each team will build a cathedral in the city dedicated to the end of abortion on earth. Franchise owners and city should be able to genenerate 1.5 billion upgrading in these cities. And coaches will be empowered by deciding who gets minutes, who follows the gameplan from 7days out and 3 days out and game day if you cuss at referees, fans, teammates than the coach will penalize the player. And bad behavior will decrease since it will cost them. And they could be traded or cut if they bring bad vibes to the locker room. They can earn less or more minutes by the effort they give in practice. The coach must hold their team to higher expectations to win as a family as agreed during practice as 15 people part of the reserves and active roster, another 15 in wnba, and 40 in gleague. There will be between 5000 to 10,000 homes for families living in poverty by their income, or homeless people. Each house will be two bedrooms, 2 baths. One bedroom will have a desk/murphy bed and a bunk bed for three kids or a grandparent and two kids to sleep. Mortgage will be 150, 100, or 50 per month. After 15 payments of 150 for total of 2250 they will own it. Or 26 payments of 100 dollars monthly for 2600, or 57 payments of 50 dollars per month total of 2850

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NBA no more ping pong lotterys

here are some ideas to have the ping pong balls removed from the nba lottery. All of the 14 teams to not make the playoffs now have to play in a single elimination tournament similar to the ncaa march madness. so of those 14 teams the two worst records will get a bye into the second round. The remaining 6 teams will play once head to head with the highest seeds playing each other and decreasing from there. Then in the second round there will be 8 teams and 4 games. Against highest seeds will play each other and the lowest seeds will play each other. so of the two lowest seeds the loser will still get a top 8 pick. Until the last round for 2 games, then 1 game for the number one pick. So now all teams should play hard into even the last games for a winning culture in the locker room, and confidence that if they barely miss the playoffs they will be the most likely to win the number 1 pick in the draft, instead of the 14th pick as it is now.
I believe that mini pools are great they have a current to swin against, the similar feeling of fhe ocean. And it converts to a hotub after. I want one of these in the future.

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Watch “Sensei Ronald Panlilio” on YouTube

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Washington football

I would like to see theismann and riggins partner to buy out snyder and change the helmet and teamname to Washington Wisdom or Washington Tomohawks

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Roasted duck

From lucky elephant in san dimas, with coconut milk from casa panlilio

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Some people say breast cancer is a woman’s problem. Women should pray and work towards a solution. But men who love women should also work and pray for that solution. Testicular cancer is also an issue for women who love the men and boys in their life. Abortion is a women’s issue but also an issue for men who love women to pray and work towards a solution. Adoption seems like the best solution for abortion. If every married couple was open to adopting a baby: abortion would be obsolete and unnecessary

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