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Tornado versus horse hoof

high heels usually come in the shape of a tornado into a tiny tip at the bottom, or a hoof similar to a horse or an ox.

When you see if a shoe is good for your daughter or bride, husbands put your hands on the ground with your palms facing up. If you and your daughter feel stable and strong when you try to lift them up with your hands then it is a good boot. Otherwise it is very easy to lose balance if someone slaps them while wearing the tornado heels.







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Family or anti-family

Life and choice dont describe the war upon families going on in america. When women take the day after pill, they are ingesting poison strong enough to kill the baby. Since that poison pill is eaten orally, the poison touches and damages all of the organs it touches in a womans body. Men, if you massage your bride and do everything else without intercourse she can feel your love for her. She ight even fall asleep during the massage and stretching you give to her.

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Monorail to 5 counties of los angeles

a Disney monorail has been up and running since the beginning of the Disney and Eisner families. Now I feel that a monorail system could be designed to alleviate traffic. First stops would be the airports: lax, Ontario, John Wayne in Orange County, and Burbank airport. The seats should all be reclinable, or a specific part of the monorail can be designed for sleeping. Also good stops would be high traffic neighborhoods like staples center, union station, Dodger stadium, angel stadium, the Los Angeles cathedral, the Orange County cathedral, UC Riverside, Cal State Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Baldwin Park, Ingelwood, and Disneyland or Anaheim Convention Center, Carson near mls. Huntington Beach, Loyola Marymount and Santa Monica 3rd street. Uber and Lyft can help riders go from monorails to smaller more specific location that the monorail does not stop in yet.

San Diego Zoo, and UC Santa Barbara can be added later

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Abortion is Murder

The Devil wants us to believe it is ok to not pray, and to keep our classmates from praying. The statute of limitations on murder is zero, meaning a murder that occurred in 1800BC is stil a murder in 2018AD. I want to expose large principalities, international businesses, politicians, business leaders, CFOm CEO, or websites that gain money by killing children in the womb. It would be a waste of time to search the names of every parent that aborted a child because their family or friends told them and intimidated them into having that child aborted. Instead we will give them a place to sleep and shower, and learn a living through job training from local business leaders including the employees at the stadium and monorail system.

I would like all schools to remove devil through their school symbols including the Arizona state sun devils, the duke blue devils,

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Dynasty Minds Baseball League (DMBL)

Our simulation baseball league using diamond mind baseball to generate boxscores. My current team is the Zamboanga City Cristeros

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One meal a day is not acceptable

We need to identify families and children getting only one meal a day. Chef Kish, Chef irvine, and Chef Freitag can teach grocery shopping, cooking, and healthy portions. Grocery sponsors can come from trader joes keifer, hmart for seafood, gts kombucha, chobani champions greek yogurt, and the healthy protein bars from chef irvine. Grilling, Gardening, Grace can be a weekly show providing for the children in america and internationally

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Comparative literature an elective for all campuses that have students under 21 years old

All students can talk about the books they use for faith, or any book if they are not religious. First day: what is the best poem in your book, the best lesson in your book, the terrible actions in your book so that you wont make the same mistake as that person. By the time they are 18 to 21 they will know what faith fits them best. I am Roman Catholic, but i also love the uncanny xmen

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