amnesty and mercy

amnesty is mercy and forgiveness and redemption for the human heart and human body. Not every criminal is a criminal forever. Some criminals read the bible in prison meet with priests, nuns, and family, and counselors and become good citizens and neighbors again as they were as young children. I know there are some criminals that require life in prison. But the rest should be taught music, competitive cooking, and gardening if they are in san quentin, alcatraz isolation prisons, and guantanamo bay. It would be great to give prisoners timeless moments for their prison time to be a time of growth. So they can be restored in their dignity and feel like good citizens and neighbors again. I prefer marc rubio to the other candidates, I believe he is the most eucharistically prepared servant leader among the republican candidates, and same for bernie sanders. Hilary Clinton would bring us back to even more abortions daily in planned murderhood parenthood clinics, she has been funded by planned murderhood parenthood in new york as a senator and as a first lady to bill clinton. She has been complicity in the murders of millions of umbilical cord children since bill was president to now.

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